Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alot of Nothing

So, lately, my days have consisted of just sitting around, applying for jobs, watching TV and shopping. {I have also been sick, so that doesn't help my motivation at all....} I know that today is only Wednesday, yeah, well considering I had myself convinced that today is Tuesday, I think the week has been pretty good. I've been looking/applying for jobs each day. It just kinda sucks not having a plan. We're hoping to get that figured out here soon. I've got some plans for tomorrow. Heather and I are making an Easter Egg Wreath. Angie beat me too it, of course, as seen at Angie's Creative Corner, but really, I've been lazy and don't really have a front door to call my own, and she's pretty awesome, so there. :P Heather and I have plans to also make a photo rubik's cube, found on Love, Actually. Ok, you caught, me, I linked those 2 crafts just so I could find them easy when I need them.... But that's what we've got planned. We're crossing our fingers on a few jobs right now, and I'm going to do my "hopeful-employee" duty, and follow up!! [Mom, you're jaw is on the floor...♥]

I was always happy that I had a job, I complained about the one I had quite a bit, but I was always grateful for it. And honestly, I never EVER thought I would lose my job. I figured, I worked in the Health field, and that since we were hiring people, getting laid off would never happen to me. The economy would never turn on our family like that. Boy, do I HATE being wrong!! I've been pretty naive about alot of things. I was completely in denial about my heart ever needing more work done. {Yeah, I had the first surgery at age 2, I thought I was cured and fixed FOREVER!!!} Sometimes, when you think you're all grown up, somebody pulls you off the monkey bars. I'm hoping this go-round, we get things figured out, and really start planning for our future, and make good choices.

Moving took a toll on me, and I'm still dealing with it. I'd like to think that I'm handling it all just fine, but sometimes I think my brain slips, and I realize that things aren't going as good as I'm thinking they are. I really don't know what I had planned once we got to Utah. I was so focused on getting everything packed and then I was worried about getting here. I never sat down to think about what about when we got to Utah!! So I'm kind of at a loss right now, no real sense of direction, I guess. I'm hoping to snap out of it, and get back to normal. The thing is, that "normal" ended back in January, and in February, "normal" was crazy cardboard fad where we packed everything. I'm not sure how long normal will take to get back.... So it looks like, the plan is : start writing a plan, an itinerary, for each day. A to-do list, kind of. So I have something to do, and something to accomplish. I know most of this post sounds like whining, pouting, complaining, or just plain rambling, but I've got to get it out. I know that we are supposed to be in Utah, and things will get better, but today, this moment, is just "one of those days" and, since I can't find my craft stuff, I decided to blog. Tomorrow I will find my camera, and get some pics, and I'll unload my craft stuff!! :)

Hmmm, I just re-read that last paragraph, and No, I am not on drugs, I'm just really tired and kinda stressed. I didn't even really understand the first sentence.... My bad..... Good night, I love and miss you!!

Love to all who stumpled thru my ramblings---

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