Monday, March 22, 2010

Crafty Monday

So, since alot of my friends here in Utah all have boys, and my friends in Colorado are all having boys, and since me and Heather did little ruffle-bum onesie's for the girls, I decided to do a boy onesie craft!! There just aren't alot of cute boy clothes. Girls are easy, you just slap a bow or flower on their head, and *BAM* cuteness!! {NOTE : Don't really slap them, mothers give you the fish-eye if you make their babies cry!}So I searched the blog-o-sphere and found some cute applique patterns, and then after doing that, Heather and I searched the clipart collection that is the internet and found some way cute little pictures that worked perfect!!

Some girls were planning on coming over, but ended up not making it, we're planning another applique craft day on Thursday around 12. I'm now a pro at applique-ing so it should be a breeze. And I've got loads of fabric, I dug in my boxes yesterday, after Heather and I made the onesie's, and found ALL my fabric from making sandals. So, the result is : tons of fabric for onesies.

I had an idea a week or so ago, and I bought the $1 wood frame from Michael's, and printed off the picture of the temple. And, Heather and I were going to make them the night we made the onesie's, but we both had plans with friends, so the frame got put off. And put off, and put off.... Until yesterday. We made the frames yesterday.

This one is mine. I L♥VE how these turned out. Shark asked where I got idea from, and I told him I just came up with it one night when I was trying to get to sleep. (I've been having a hard time getting to sleep lately....) But after Heather and I made them, I went to a boutique store, where all kinds of crafters sell stuff, and immediately saw these exact frames, with different paper, but still, it was the same idea!!! Oh well..

This is Heather's. They aren't completely done, but I wanted to show how they turned out so far. Upon completion, I'll take another picture!!

Today's POTD is : The craft table. Heather's craft table, loaded with all kinds of stuff!!!

Love to all the crafters at ♥  -   {Even Shark is a crafter at heart, he makes swords, knives, and he usually makes things better than when he picked it up!! EX: He made a truck-bed rack out of a broken bed frame!

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