Tuesday, March 2, 2010

deadlines and POTDs

So, I gave Angie a horrible deadline, that she had to get her blog updated before we left. Well, considering when I gave her the deadline, she hadn't posted about Christmas yet, she did pretty dang good. She got thru the 24th of Feb. That's pretty awesome!! She's just pretty awesome altogether.

And since I haven't posted any Picture of the Day's for about a week, here goes. Pretty sure I do not have enough pics for the entire time we've been MIA, but I got something. These pics are kind of awful, they are taken with my cell phone.....

Thursday : 2.25.10 is : picures from the Adams Mystery Theatre. I finally got them onto a computer. :)

Saturday : 2.27.10 is : Bandit and Shark sleeping... Way cute and it just kind of happened.

Sunday : 2.28.10 is : The room in Steve and Heather's basement that is now our "house"

Monday : 3.1.10 is : Bandit helping me unpack.

There is no POTD for Friday, we stayed the night in Laramie. So imagine a wide open field with lots of flocks of antelope, and a big highway running thru it. There you go, you just imagined Wyoming. Congratulations.

Love to all who helped and gave us love --

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