Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Treats

So today Heather and I made Easter Smores in a Jar!! I had seen these in the blog-o-sphere a little while ago, and had no real desire to make them, until I couldn't find anything to do... So BAM - Easter Peeps Smores were crafted!! I actually found the recipe and idea here at Lisa's Workshop, and we created them today! She's got a cute little tag that goes with them, recipe is on the tag.

Heather and I each made 1.

Heather's is on the left, mine is on the right, with the little ribbons. They were so fun, and easy to make!! Now, we're making one to eat it...

Today, I got a call around 2 pm, asking if I had time to set up an interview. Here's the deal : I randomly applied at Home Depot yesterday, I didn't know they were hiring, I just applied, it seemed like a good idea. They called, I had an interview at 5, I got offered the job as a cashier, tomorrow I take a drug test, and I start work after that. But, Shark's mom called yesterday, right after I got home from Home Depot, she had a position open at the City, and she was offering me a job. -I think it's funny how, once I had decided to let things take their course, and leave it in the Lord's hands, everything starts coming together and working! Now.... To find a house....

Love to all--

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Congrats on getting two job offers in one day!!!!!

When it rains it pours eh?

Let me know how the jobs go!