Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out and about

Last night, Shark and I got asked to a movie. His friend Smitty asked Shark to a movie, well, Smitty asked Shark and I if we wanted to go on a double date with him and his wife, Polo*. We said yes, and went all went to go see Alice in Wonderland. Ok, to be honest, neither Shark nor I were really that impressed with the trailers we'd seen, and when you bring Tim Burton and Johnny Depp together, you just get creepy. But I wanted to see it anyways (I'd learned that it was really Alice's RETURN to Wonderland, and that hooked me!), but I knew I would never be able to talk Shark around. But when Smitty asked, I did a little "Yes!" and a fist-pump inside... It turned out to be pretty good. Johnny Depp wasn't really Johnny Depp in it, and that made it amazing! Thanks for inviting us, it really was a good time!!

Heather had a baby shower for her cousin, today around 1, and earlier this week, we had decided to make ruffle-butt onesies, and some flower bows for little babies. So, we went and got some really cute ribbon. And we kind of cheated a little, we didn't actually ruffle any fabric or ribbon.

We bought "pre-ruffled ribbon, we didn't have access to a serger, and neither of us really knew how to use one if we did.... But I think the ruffle butt onesie's turned out super cute, and I want all my friend's to have little girl's now!!

When I was sewing the ruffles on the onesie's, Bandit found a comfy spot under the table. He was pouting all morning cuz Shark left him home from killing. He stayed right by me all morning, that's how I know he was pouting....

We also made some flower bows, and here are some pitcures of them! Heather had some "No Slip Kitchen Liner" (I have some aslo, but as of right now, I have NO IDEA where it is...) and we put some dots on the inside of the clips, so they don't slip out of the headband, and so they don't slip out of her hair when she gets older!!

The boys got home from hunting/fishing or something that involves killing, before we left for the shower. When I went downstairs, I found both my boys curled up on the Love-Sac, snoozing... Shark mumbled something about a blanket, so I found one, and put it on them.
Ok, I really think Blogger has something wrong with it, I have pictures in my Windows Explorer and they show up just fine, when I go to UPLOAD A PICTURE in the blogger toolbar, they show up all goofy. Sorry for the "Chalupa-Neck" pictures.... ☺
*Polo got her nickname, because apparently she said "Hey Mark-o" to Shark, and he replied, "Hey Polo!"
Love to all who still check daily, sorry I'm a slacker!! -

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Great catching up!


You're in luck with the ruffle butt onesies because Celeste and Heather are both having girls!

I find out on the 23rd what I'm having.