Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hmmm, so things have been tossed up in the air for a little while... OK, for the past week, I have been wandering aimlessly around Northern Utah. But I think I have the rein on things, for a while at least. I'm still working on getting a job, so far, no dice. Anyways, I know that I've been kind of breif and bland, I haven't really said anything about being in Utah. So, I'm going to give everybody a run-down.

We moved into Shark's brother and sister-in-law's basement. We live with Steve and Heather now!! They have a big brown lab, named Trigger. Bandit and Trigger are best friends, all they do is play and wrestle and run and fetch and tug-o-war. Oh, they also sleep. But mostly play.

Most of our stuff is still in boxes out in the garage. The room we're staying in is still a big huge mess. I still can't find a bunch of stuff, but I did just find my camera yesterday. ☺ Steve and Heather just had a baby girl, Whitney, in January. She's so cute and wiggly, and so smiley!! Bandit is so curious about little Whit, he has never seen or heard a little baby before. Sure, he's been around kids, but not little tiny newborns....

Shark's parents came out to Colorado to get us, Shark's oldest brother Kurt came out to help, too. We stayed at the parent's house for a few days, I was feeling sick, and didn't want Whitney or Heather to get sick. Shark's mom works for Clinton City Recreation, and she was asking me all kinds of questions about Facebook. I went in to the office and helped get their facebook page up and running, and we're trying to get them more fans. So I've been going in to work with her. It's been pretty fun, the City is a pretty chill place to work. On Sunday, we walked to church, cuz it's Utah, and the church building is 2 blocks away...  I'm glad to move to a place where I already know where most store and things are. I'm not lost like I was when I moved to CO, I had to google everything then. Ooh, and Heather and I have been crafting. I've come up with some cute little ideas. Not really my own ideas, but things I figured Heather would like. And I was right.

But so far, things have been going great. Shark started a job right away when we got here, and then had an interview this past Monday for FedEx, we're crossing our fingers for any kind of job with benefits, because that is what we really need right now!! I had some tests in Colorado, the day we left, but I haven't gotten any kind of word on results yet. Oh, and I'm still trying to get my account to work so I can transfer me presciptions over without hassle, ha, as if something so simple as that would really work for me.... So far, no dice! Right now, all we're worried about is benefits, a job for me and which craft to do next... Things are going good. We love being around family!

love to those who had lost us for a while --

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~Ryan and Ashlee~

Sweet, you are back in Utah! Welcome Home:) I hope you get settled soon. Your little niece looks so much like her mom! So cute!!! I love, love, love babies!