Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In like a lion out like a lamb...

Ok, so, this month has been crazy!! We moved at the beginning of March, Shark started his Mosquito job right away on March 1st, and then got into the job at FedEx towards the middle of March. I've been crafting tons and tons, cuz I really haven't had anything to do. I started right away putting in applications and sending information requests for what I found online, but it was only on Tuesday that I got a good response and a job offer. And once I got the job offer for Home Depot, Shark's mom offered me a job at the city, everything happened at once it was amazing! We've been living in Steve and Heather's basement since we got here. They have been amazing and awesome! They have a projector to watch movies and play Xbox on, and we brought our Wii, and our huge box of movies. Our dogs LOVE playing together, and have fun fighting over toys and sticks and food. Our little dog wouldn't jump into the back of anyone's truck, and neither would Trigger, but over the past 2 weeks, they both have jumped in the back of my truck! Heather and I have been crafting pretty much anything that comes to mind. People have been asking about me starting an Etsy store.... I really have been getting things ready to open the Store.

This is just a little post, because I'm behind, and I can't really remember what happened that day. But I can tell you that the month of March was frustrating for me. Shark had started his 2nd job, and I was just sitting at home, not working. I hate being completely able and willing to work, but unable to find a place to work! But things finally turned around at the end of the month. I ended up getting 2 jobs!!

Love to all -

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