Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello World

So yeah... my email is down, no more showing the world the goods... :)

Anyways, today I woke up and did my excercising, and then I showered, so fresh and so clean clean. And then I went up to apply at more jobs, and then I went into the Recreation Building to see Shark's mom. I've been doing raffles for them, and last week's raffle was football stickers {stickers I created on my Cricut..}. Well, yesterday, I got my transfer tape, I bought it off ebay, and went in to the office to go tape up the stickers. Then, since Shark's mom wasn't at the office, I stopped by the house. I put a DVD season up on ebay for her, and then we got stuck watching Lost.... I was already hooked, Shark and I are on season 6, the final season. I bought season 6 on her AppleTV, since Shark and I like watching it whenever we want, and his schedule doesn't allow for regular programmed television {he works from 7am-9pm each day, 2 jobs.} Well, Shark and I watched 1 episode of Lost, and his mom was so confused. (When you buy a TV show on the AppleTV, it's only for the season, but you get all kinds of webisodes and rgndom stuff with it.) Well, with Lost we got some recap episodes. Me and Shark's mom recapped the entire series yesterday, seasons 1-5. Then we started watching season 6. It's still confusing to me and Shark, and his mom is still a little confused, but that's just part of being a Lost-y.... I came home just in time to make Shark a pizza, and then head off to bed.

I was going to get fishes for the turtle, Chomps, but I had no way of paying for fishes... My day wasn't just all about Lost, I figured out some finances, switched our auto-insurance to Utah, got Shark's schooling figured out, and ebay-ed.

Lost isn't the only show we got his family hooked on. We also introduced them to Burn Notice. They love it!! So Yayay for a new show!!! ♥

So ladies, as soon as I get the invite, I'm taking me email address off...

POTD  for today is : Bandit hiding behind a green pillow... Peek-a-boo!!

love to all who get hooked on tv shows.....

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