Friday, March 26, 2010

Day on the town

So, today, there was a lunch thing for the baby shower tomorrow. Me and Shark's mom went to that. Then we went to Wal-Mart, I have an idea I'd like to follow thru on. I saw these Easter Peeps Smores in a jar things, and I want to make some. And I also bought a new book, it looks and sounds pretty good. Then, we picked up Heather and went to the boutique in Ogden. Now, I have to be honest, when I go to boutiques I just look at things and get ideas, because realistically, I'm not going to pay $25 for a picture of the SLC temple, especially if I don't like the frame, and the picture is only so-so, but the phrase on it is awesome!! So, I've already got an idea brewing about something I could make for about $9, depending on where I get the plate from, and how much it is....

But today had a plethora of Utah weather showcased, it rained, it snowed, there was a rainbow, it hailed, it was sunny, it was cloudy, and I just wore a t-shirt. :) But it really didn't matter, because we were inside the boutique for most of it. There was all kinds of good stuff there. But my favorite thing I bought was from Thots'N'Dreams, it's a little jar full of thoughts on whatever topic you pick out. I picked out 6 little jars : Marriage, Love, Adveristy, Prayer, Temples, and Gratitude. So far, they have been awesome!!

Love : love is the only passion which includes in its dreams the happiness of someone else - Karr

Well, when we got home, I went outside to see the puppies. Well, after a day of mixed-bag weather, and being locked out of the house, our puppies were DIRTY!! I immediately dragged Bandit downstairs for a bath.

That's about how it went. I had to drain the water once, and refill the bathtub with new water, it was so dirty. But now he's all clean!! :)

Move time tonight with the whole family and a bunch of friends! Yayayay!! Today, at the movie, I was in line getting more tickets, and the lady commented on my washer necklace. She said, it's almost like chain-mail. Me: Yes it is. TicketLady: Do you know what chain mail is? Me: Yes. Lady: What is it?? Me: It's little metal circles looped together to create armor worn under shields and plating. Lady: Correct!! Me thinking : What on earth was that? Who is she to test MY knowledge of armor and weapons, when my in-laws' living room is decorated with spears, swords and knives, that were all handmade?! Crazy lady!!

POTD: Bandit's muddy dirty face! Looking at me like, yeah whatever, do what you want, IT WAS FUN!

Love to all who get dirty.... ♥

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