Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update...kind of

Sorta... Ok, myabe it's just an update to tell everyone that nothing has changed.... Nothing really exciting happened this weekend, or since my last post... Things have been the same really.

Shark and I went to a wedding reception on Thursday. And Shark went rabbit hunting on Saturday. Heather and I went and hung out with Tasha on Saturday, since our husbands all went hunting together. I've got some more ideas for crafts.... But I kinda feel odd about crafting, since I have no where to put my new made crafts... So do I stop? Mmmmm, not likely. But I might just have to get another box and put all my newly made crafts in it. That sounds like a good plan.

I've got a craft day planned for me and some girlfriends. I'm hoping things go down like I've got planned. Hopefully pictures will follow.

Also, I have decided to start going to Institute... Now, to find an Institute class to go to... Ogden or Layton? And since Shark is also going to working at FedEx sometime soon, I have to make the decision on which class, which day, which time...Any suggestions will be appreciated...

So yeah, I've got crafts planned, they just need to be created... Also there is a boutique in Ogden this week, me and the mother-in-law are planning on going. I love getting ideas from the boutiques.  I'll try to be better about posting and doing fun things.
Ok, I totally just looked at my blog. I have had over 9500 views!! Holy Crap!! (most of those views are probably from me, checking and editting what I write!) But that is still way awesome!! I checked my sitemeter thing, and I've had visitors from across the country and across the world!! I've had a view from Malaysia!! Good heavens!! That's freaking awesome!!
Love, love, L♥VE to all of you -

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Hey! Yes, I love reading your blog. I don't know if you remember me....Its Melanie. I met you at Smitty's sealing. I was his good friend from hs and I know Mark from hs too. Anyway, love your blog. You're awesome. Mine is private, so if ya want an invite just let me know.


Have you considered selling some of your crafts on Etsy or somewhere?