Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strip to fit

So, a while back, like when I moved back to WI, after my failed attempt at college and failed attempt at life out in Utah, I bought Carmen Electra's Strip to Fit. I remember, I was with my friend Heather and I bought disc 1 and she bought disc 2. Well, this Strip to Fit DVD has been with me everywhere, every house I moved to, every state change. Well, when I moved to Utah the 2nd time, after I got my first CAD job out here, I had started to go thru the routines. I had to time it just right, I'm not exactly a pro, and it would have been so embarassing to have my roommate walk in to find me in my sweats attempting to strip... No one sees me when I do this, no one sees me when I excercise, I look like a dork, or at least I think I do... But a while ago, I made a list of goals, and on my list was : 4. Get into shape (self confidence). Well, what better way to get into shape than to start striping (for personal use ONLY!!) and doing the strip to fit, helps my confidence tons!! (Well, staring at Carmen Electra for an hour doesn't help, but feeling like I'm doing something really good does help!) I can honestly say, that I am out of shape (don't shake your head, it's true!!) and I feel good lately cuz I've been trying to work out and trying to be be healthy. Plus, this DVD I bought is 100% husband approved! He doesn't mind at all!! :) I just bought the entire set, on Amazon for $20! Plus, with me still out of the job, I have all the time in the world for excercise. So this kinda shady fitness DVD will finally get some use. I switch it up, the Strip DVD and the Wii Fit.... both do a good job in getting me to hurt.

Anyways, I must have done a "hip flick" with too much oomph, cuz seriously, the muscle that is my butt hurts so bad!! That means, it's working, right? Shark tells me, it's just a sacrifice for the good in life. Ha! I can say, the routines work every muscle! I was planning on walking the dog today, but it got cloudy... I might still go, after our craft-day, but I've got to find a sweatshirt.

POTD : is the picture above, my Wii Fit Plus and my Carmen Electra Stip to Fit DVD 1! Cuz I wouldn't hurt so much if I didn't have them... ;)

Love to all who have ambitions.... or alterior motives....

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