Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Pats and slurpees

So, today, I had an intereview... at a craft store.... everybody I've told says "You Collards will be poor if you work there." We'll just have to see how I did... Then I went to drop off an application at a hardware store up in Ogden. I'm not naming any names, but it's a store that Shark and his dad love, and everyone I've told says, "You Collards will be poor if you work there." So, yeah... Looks like we're destined to be poor....I say, if we're happy, who needs money?!

My job-searching adventure got a slow start this morning. There was a semi-oil-tanker-truck roll over on I-15, in the northbound lane. So, of course, I was heading north to Ogden, and all the traffic from the highway was detoured onto Main Street... I had to be creative in my route to get to the craft store. Thank my stars I know my way around Clinton/Roy (sorta). I made it. After the searching, I headed to Clinton City Recreation Department. Clinton City was having their Senior Luncheon. I told Shark's mom that I'd help sever the cute little old people, in exchange for food. It was pretty fun.

Anyways, yesterday was Shark's best friend Smitty's birthday. Smitty's wife, Polo, planned a dinner-out with a bunch of his friends and their wives. We went to Red Robin, and then we went to get Smitty his annual birthday Slurpee. Shark did NOT wear green, I did. So when he realized it was St. Patrick's Day, he went in for the pinch, only to be shot down, because I was wearing green. I pinched him instead.

Oohh!! In all my searching, and organizing, I decided to just give up and clean up our room. I got a box of hangers from the garage, and started hanging up the clothes that were still in boxes on the floor. And lo and behold - under the hangers was : my flat iron, my shampoo (I bought new stuff), my make-up, our tooth-brushes (we got new ones), and our dog shampoo (he's started to smell kinda...). So yayayay!! I found it! Now to get the room cleaned up all the way and organized. I also need to find some of my pictures, the walls are blank!!

We had lots of fun going to dinner with our friends. Now I'm just waiting on a picture of us at dinner.... Once I get it, I'll re-post!!

POTD for Wednesday is : the whole gang together!! Happy Birthday Smitty!!

Love to all you Irishfolk!!

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