Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Night Football....planning....?

Saturday night Shark shaved for his interveiw tomorrow. Well, he half shaved.... He ended up with this.

This will NOT be staying, not if I have anything to do about it!! He assures me that the 'stache won't be staying for the interview... He's pretty cute, and I love him, but I love him with a goatee more than I love him with a mustache....just a little bit more...

So Shark has always worked at the City Recreation department, well, he's worked there since he was 8 or so. And of course, it makes perfect sense for him just jump right back in!! So, since his mom works there, and everybody who has ever met him has l♥ved him {it's true!!} he started going to meetings right away. Today was no expection. He had a football meeting tonight, and they were going to film about coaching practices. It was pretty fun, yes I went along too. Although, not much filming went on, more like talking about it, and I just sat in the office the whole time, blog-stalking. Well, among my stalks {suddenly I feel sparkly....} I found a washer necklace! I've seen these lots before, but I guess I always thought of washers as tools.... hardware.... not fashion. Well, I broke down, and bought some washers, and some $1 ribbon from JoAnn's {double-sided ribbon, too!!} and decided to make one!

I will do that TOMORROW!! Today's POTD is Shark's new creeper 'stache....

Love to all who ♥ barbarians.... I do!!

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