Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend of FOOD!

So yesterday, I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine. I gave her some of the onesie's I made on Thursday, and Monday. It was so good to see her again, we traded phone numbers, because chances are I'll still be around the house, doing nothing really.... We chatted and had a good time with her friends and family and got some way cute ideas for little Whitney's blessing party. And I had a lady ask about my necklace, and then she asked when I had open heart surgery! I wasn't bothered at all, but I guess she thought I was because I blushed super red. I don't know why I always blush when people ask or talk about my surgery. Maybe because I embarass easily, whenever I talk about myself. But her son had open heart surgery, he's 12, and I told her about the Congential Heart Futures Act, she had no idea about it. But after the bab shower, my mother-in-law and I stopped at Sam's Club, she had to get her member card, and then we shopped. Lots of food that really wasn't needed.... Oh well. And, as if that wasn't enough shopping, we stopped at Wal-Mart aftewards. {I needed stuff to make pies!!}

So we spent all day at the store and driving around (we got lost somewhere around Riverton/South Jordan area...) but we eventually got where we were supposed to go. We brought all the food in, and when we got home, there was a fire in the backyard! Shark's dad, Dave, built a forge so he could make a broad sword. It's pretty awesome! The end result of the sword is pretty freaking sweet. He said it's not done yet.

I got home with an hour to get ready for dinner with some friends. Shark went to Jr High and High school with Ryan and Ashlee, and Ashlee reads my blog, and we finally met last night!! It was so much fun to get together and hang out. Their little boy Carter is so dang cute!! It was really nice to finally meet face-to-face!!

Today, I'll be making the awesome Minestroganoff {by Rachael Ray, BUT it is NOT on the rachael ray website, it's on the rachael ray MAGAZINE website. Lame-sauce!!} But Shark LOVES this soup thing. I'm not exactly sure what's it's called.... But it's dang good!! So I made batch..I guess. I don't really measure anything, I kinda just throw it in the pot.

But I tried to make a pie with FRESH berries. It's my usual strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry pie, that Shark has kindly named JumbleBerry pie {Razzleberry was taken}. But this pie doesn't have blueberries in it, just the first 3 types of berries I listed. The excitment has been brewing all afternoon! Here is the fresh berry mix, ready to be "sewn" in, with my criss-cross lattice top.

And this is the pie made, and ready to go into the oven.

Today's POTD is : the baked JumbleBerry pie, ready for eatin'!!

love to all who love food too ♥

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Hey! Its Mel. So, my blog is private so can ya post your email so I can invite ya? BTW, your jumbleberry pie looks SWA-EET!!! Nice!


My mother in law and I went shopping too! We went to IKEA. . . I LOVE THIS STORE!