Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to daily

Here is my next re-adventure. I hope to go back to blogging daily. We'll just have to see how this goes for now. And it might all change in the next week or so, depending on if I get a job.... {Cross your fingers!!}

So, in regards to Sunday's post, I have cute ideas for little baby girls, but have no fear, I have cute ideas for little baby BOYS too!! I'm not sexist! So, if my friends have little boys instead of little girls (and even if their boys aren't so "little" - I've got cute ideas!!)

Anyways, so today - we churched, but we "ward-floated" - which means, we went to a different building for our meeting. It's not hard to do, because it's Utah, and there are churches ever few blocks or so. So Shark and I decided we'd go back to the single's ward (that's where the 'magic' started!!) It was pretty fun to see everyone again. After the meeting we stopped by the parents' house for food. The parents' house is 2 blocks away from the single's ward building. Shark wanted cake and ice cream and cookies and meat. I decided to make homemade oreos. And in spirit of St. Patrick's Day on Wednesday, I used Icing Coloring to make the cream cheese frosting GREEN! It was very fun and the oreos turned out great!! 

And I just found out that a friend of mine is having a boy! Yay JeNeil!! So, the new task for Heather and I is : cute baby boy things!! The gears are already turning!!! 

POTD for today is : green oreos!! SO delicious!!

Love to all --

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