Wednesday, March 24, 2010

crafting prep

Hey Mel, I'd love to read up on your blog, get to know you, in the blogging-sense at least. So, if you feel so inclined, please send me an invite!! ♥☺

So today, Heather and I are getting ready for our craft day tomorrow! We bought some way cute onesie's. And we're planning on making onesies for girls and boys. Cuz Heather has a little girl, and McKenzie is having a girl in May. So that is what we were doing today.

I also dropped my taxes in the mail today. And I also sent off my letter of disqualification for Jury Duty for the state of Colorado. So we'll just have to see if they accept it or not.

Ok, so I got a comment a few days ago, asking me why I don't start an Etsy store to sell my crafts? Well, I've been thinking about it, and giving it some serious thought. The crafts I would sell are : chicken wire boards, wallets, flip flops, temple photo frames, iSpy bottles, and onesies. And most things wouldn't be custom or personal, it would just be crafty things. And I would definitly not see the Etsy store as my sole income, I proabably wouldn't rely on it for any substantial income. But here's the thing : Should I do it?

Should I start an Etsy store?

POTD is : the puppies in the kitchen. My spoiled speckled pup is on the rug, he always finds a soft spot for his bottom!!

love to all who love extra butter on their popcorn {and even those who don't...♥}

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