Monday, April 26, 2010

Attempt to Church and FREE stuff

So, I got Shark to agree to go to the Young Married Ward on campus. So we got up yesterday morning, we got ready to go, and we headed out to Ogden. We ended up going to the wrong building, so we ended up leaving and going to the real building (I had me heart set on going to that ward, and no other wards would cut it for me!). We found the right building, it was a block south, just 1 block! And we got there just in time, but as we were walking in, there was a guy in the parking lot, who had locked his keys in his car... Shark and I both took notice that this guy would NOT be able to get his keys out himself, so helped. Well, I just kinda stood there, and dropped some advice every now and then. I also called the Ogden police, who are NOT open on Sunday, and they do NOT do lock-outs. So they were no help at all... But we eventually got this guy's door open. Another guy in the parking lot had an Air Wedge, and that cracked the door open just enough to fit the hangers in. We put 2 hangers (well, 1 hanger and our truck antena) in the crack and popped the lock up. By the time we were done with his car, it was too late to go into church... Plus, Shark has a cut on his hand, and it opened up, and got all over his white church shirt.... But we also saw one of Shark's friends, Nate, while we were at the church, Nate helped out tons to get into this guy's car. We chatted with him for a little while after the guy left. So we went back to the parent's house, and on the way, we saw a porch swing on the side of the road, and it said FREE on it. We love FREE stuff! So we talked to Steve & Heather about it, and we went and picked it up and took it to their house. They like it.

At the parents house, I made a pie, just like all the others I've made. And we finished Fablehaven #5, Keys to the Demon Prison. It was AWESOME!! I highly recommend the series to everyone who likes books. Next we are going to finish the book we started, Slathbog's Gold, we were half way into it when we got Fablehaven, and since Kurt is going to be working on Sunday's starting in May, we decided to read Fablehaven as fast as possible. After we finish Slathbog's Gold, we're going to read Peter & The Starcatchers. I'm excited for Peter & The Starcatchers, I just bought the 3rd book! I like the Peter books alot. :)

Ooh, if you're looking for FREE STUFF, go to Rachael Ray's magazine site HERE and enter in the Big Deals Sweepstakes. Join her little site, and then you can enter in the sweepstakes. She's giving away TONS of stuff, and I could love most of it!! ;) Also, you can subscribe to get her recipes emailed to you. I've found a few that don't seem too wacky, and aren't full of crazy hard to find things. So I'll be making some of those. If I find a whole bunch of recipes I like, I might have to up my goal count... So check out Rachael Ray's site, and get entered. :)

Love to all who LOVE free stuff!! ♥

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