Wednesday, April 7, 2010

City Council

So I went to my first ever City Council Meeting! Well, it wasn't a "real" City Council meeting, it was a special meeting, to hear the public's opinion of the potential loss of $83,000 from the City of Clinton Cemetary's Perpetual Care Fund. The meeting was open to the public, the council room was packed, there was some critics and some supporters. I don't live in Clinton City, although I work for the city, and what happened effects me in NO WAY, but I listened to both sides, and from what I've heard, I think I understand the situation. I found myself getting mad, and defensive about the side I was on. Shark's mom and dad both went and both stood up in defense of the city manager. It got pretty heated, no one got escorted out by the big police presence there, and most people were considerate. The meeting started at 7pm, and it ended around 10pm. In the end, a written reprimand of the city manager, the mayor and the city council was issued, as was the city manager getting docked 3 days' pay. It was a pretty good first time city council meeting. I learned a whole lot.

One thing I l♥ve about my little dog, and all dogs really, is when they bark in their sleep! The muffled bark is so dang cute! And when they run in their sleep, I just love it! Doggies are so cute! I love mine!!

I had orientation tonight at the Depot from 5-10pm, I learned all the secrets of the Depot!! I start training tomorrow 5-10pm, and then again on Friday 5-10pm. The City job has been flexible, and Shark's mom tells me they will be flexible with my Depot job. One thing that kinds sucks about working until 10, is that Shark has been home for about an hour already and is usually sleeping. He leaves in the morning before I wake up, and I get home after he's already sleeping. BUT - that won't be my schedule permanantly. It's just for now. :) I've also told them about the doctor appointment on Thursday. So I won't have to work during my appointment.

POTD : Bandit's mark in the house. You can tell how much fun my dog has had that day by how muddy his little paws are!!

Love to all who know what city they live in

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