Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby blessing!

So Saturday we set up for the wedding reception baby blessing!

See, it does look like a reception tho, not really a blessing. But when you think about it, it really was a reception! Our joyful reception of Whitney, into this world!! She's so dang cute! ♥

Anyways, we got set up here at Clinton City, Saturday afternoon, and started cooking the pork in our 5 collective crock-pots. (Heather and I went to DI, and I found yet another crock-pot, a really nice one, for $8, so I HAD to have it!!) We had everything set up by 3, and came back Sunday morning to make some salads and get some ice ready and the chocolate ready.

It was such a beautiful day, lots of friends of Steve and Heather were there. It was great!! So much fun!!

POTD : little Whitney smiling real big!

Love to all who smile☺

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