Friday, April 23, 2010

Could NOT resist

So, there is a Blockbuster going out of business in Roy..... and they are selling EVERYTHING!! So - I had to take advantage.... I know it's not May 1st yet, but I had to go check it out. I ended up buying 6 new DVD's. The Brothers Grimm, Juno, Whip It, The Core, Ocean's 13, and Elizabethtown. There was tons there that I could have bought, but I bought movies that I've already seen, and ones that I liked. I was going to buy Where The Wild Things Are, but I haven't seen it and I've heard mix reviews, so that might have to be a See-it-First. And I have to ask Shark what movies he would like to have.

Some of our friends from Colorado are visiting in Utah, someone is getting married. We went to go see them last night, after Shark got off work. We went over for just a little while. It was so awesome to see them again. I've really missed them. Heck, I've missed having friends to talk to. I'm hoping things get going and Shark and I start going to a young married ward. I've really got to get into something. I mean I love crafting, and that's been my past-time for a while now, but hey, even the crafter gets lonely. And with Shark working until 9 each night, I've got to do something.

Oh, speaking of not waiting...I have already started crafting projects for my 101 in 1001.... I'll post pictures after I officially start. I've got some way cute plans in my head that will hopefully come to fruition.... I'm getting ready for my 101 in 1001.... You bet your bottom!!

love to all who have goals and ideas.... ♥

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