Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snow rain hail lightning SUN?

Every now and then, a call for change is shouted. Well, yesterday I heard it. I needed a 3rd column for my blog, and I figured out how to do that. I googled it, and went here Blogger Buster. So, if you ever want to know, this guy had the easiest to understand instructions. (Remember to use ALT+F, and copy and paste and you can FIND the exact wording you need!!) So I have my 3rd column, but with that 3rd column, I needed to find a new layout! It's seriously like a line of dominos.... One thing makes something else happen. So I found a new layout, and I tried really hard to get it to looks sort of how our old one did, I liked the blue and brown, but I got to looking and found a few sites that have AMAZING layouts!! Aqua Poppy Designs, HOT bliggity BLOG, My Style Backgrounds, and Simply Blog It Backgrounds - to a name a few. Click on the names to go see for yourself!! So of course, I have changed it again, from what it was last night. :) I just couldn't help myself when I got to searching for new layouts!!

Change is coming, but not 'til May 1st.... again I couldn't wait, and got started on some projects and things ahead of time, but I won't finish them until after my start... Unless I really can't contain myself, and then, oh no, I have to start more crafts and start more things.... Whatever will I do?

So yesterday, it was all sunny in the morning. But I checked the forcast, and I knew what was coming. A big huge thunderstorm!! Yeah it was pretty dang crazy! But we survived, now if we can just suffer thru the rain and storms thru Friday, the weekend is supposed to be NICE!!

Love to all who have to deal with change - ♥

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The Never Fairy

Just a note on the Peter Pan books by Barry/Pearson. They're a fun adventure on their own... but as prequels to Peter Pan, they fall WAY short. Pan already had a backstory by Barrie... and this is NOT it. There are a LOT of mistakes as compared with Barrie. And if it's just supposed to be a prequel to the Disney film, it goes against that, too.

There is a Peter Pan faithful to Barrie: Click here!