Monday, April 5, 2010

New day

It's Monday! Yayayay! Well, I am at work, I work at Clinton City Recreation (look us up on Facebook!!), I work at the front desk with Cathy and Ginger, and I am also the Facebook coordinator. I set up the Facebook, get the raffles going, and I'm trying to get more Fans for Clinton City Recreation. Today I got a phone call from Home Depot, I have orientation on Wednesday evening from 5-10pm! yayayay!! I'm so happy to hear back from them. It also means I can work at the city up until Wednesday without conflict from the Depot! The City is so laid back, and easy going. It also is pretty awesome, cuz I work with Shark's mom!

Easter weekend was pretty awesome. We went over there Saturday, Shark was still at the house, working on his motorcycle. And I took the Bandit over to the parent's house, and then we went for a walk. We walked to the City Rec Building, it's not that far, maybe 4 blocks. It was nice to get out of the house with the little dog. He's been living a different life, since we moved. We haven't been playing with him as much, and since Shark and I both have 2 jobs, we haven't been home as much as were before, and we weren't home very much before! So we went to the Rec building, and hung out with Shark's mom. I also went in and added some stuff to the fliers, I added the FACEBOOK button on them. Then we went back home, and watched the afternoon session of conference. Then we read our new Fablehaven book!! It's freaking awesome!! Then I got it in my head to make cinnamon rolls for Sunday. I found this awesome recipe for Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls, it was super easy, I was waiting for the dough to rise, and then Shark and I went home. When we got to the parents' house on Sunday morning, the Easter eggs were hidden, and the rolls were baked. I felt so bad, that I just left them. But, Shark's mom wasn't worried about it, she was too excited to sleep anyways. His whole family LOVES holidays, and gets so excited! The kitchen table was loaded with Easter Baskets and toys and movies and candy!! It was pretty awesome! Then we read some more. Then some friends of the family came over, and Shark and I watched Planet 51, it's pretty cute and funny, for a little kid movie. Then we read more and more!! We're about half way thru the book already! We at lots and lots of food and candy. It was alot of fun to hang out with his family. The boys all got shorts, Heather and I got scrapbook paper for our Cricuts, and the dogs got a bubble gun and bubble wands. All of us got movies, and some water-shooters (the shooters look like fun-noodles.) That Easter Bunny done did good this year!! :)

By last night's end, my head was hurting so bad. I took some Tylenol after dinnertime, and but it didn't even touch it. I took some more, still nothing, so finally I took some Ny-Quil, and figured if I can't madicate my headache away, I'll sleep it away. I woke up this morning, no headache!! Now, it's about noon, and my head hurts a little now. We'll just see how this headache develops.

Oh, and lately, I've been hurting for pictures, so I started carrying my camera around with my everywhere, have you seen my last few posts? No pictures!! I'm such a bum. Big time slacker. This one! So, I'll work on that, trust me, I' m trying.

Shark and I, well, I am in the process of looking for a place to rent. So far, no dice. Shark doesn't really know about my search, but he soon will. I'm not really sure how much we can spend on a place yet, as I have no gotten a paycheck from my jobs yet. I can figure out Shark's income, but not mine yet. Looks like we need another notebook for Money... Oh well, it's the easiest way for me to keep track of everything.

Also, I've got tons of stuff from DI, I got some frames (way good frames, for way cheap), the frames aren't terribly big, but for my purpose, they will work. I got some jars for iSpy bottles, and some little trinkets and toys and keychains and games; now to figure out if sand or rice would be better.... I found a clear glass brick, it had someone's name on it, but I peeled it off so I can put my name on it. I found 6 little wooden blocks, painted white with a letter from SPRING painted on each block.... I already have an idea of what to do with them. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter all have 6 letters... So, I might keep them white, and Mod Podge seasonal paper on the block and vinyl letters on each side, not the ends. So craft stuff is on my list.

Love to all who still check up on me, I'm getting back on track....

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