Friday, April 2, 2010


So, pretty sure working at the city is going to make me fat. The slushee machine at the concession stand is working, they bring over slushees anytime someone goes over there. There is tons of candy leftover from the Easter Egg hunt. They are stocked with Easy-Mac and chips and all kinds of candy. I just pig out everyday I'm there. Plus, they have random potluck days that are just awesome. Then, they have people go and get lunch for us, and I just eat what they bring me. We get lots of promotional stuff, like coupons for Free Value Meals and stuff like that. So yes, I beleive I am going to get fat working here. I wish I had the welf control to bring in a salad or something. Maybe next week...

Oh, I got my Carmen Electra DVD Set, so maybe I won't be fat.... well, when I think about it, I'll be walking around at the Depot while I work there, so maybe I won't be fat.... Or, maybe I will start walking the dog every night after work or whenever I can. I'm also looking to start excersising (that's why I bought te entire DVD set) so that I can get into shape. I'm hoping that excercise and working out will get my heart into shape, my body into shape, get fit. We're hoping to get an appointment with a doctor here. I'm not really sure how to go about getting one tho. So I just called the pediatric cardiology department at U of U, the U of CO gave me a referral doctor here in Utah. So we're just waiting to see if I can get in... I'm still not sure what my schedule is. I'm hoping, if my appointment is far enough ahead, that I can schedule work around it, at the Depot and at the City. I'm thinking that's a good idea. I just really need to get my heart stuff figured out for sure.

Anyways, while I'm on the subject of hearts. I am a member of the Adult Congenital Heart Association. I get newsletters, information, and all kinds of new stuff. Well, they are having a webinar on Adoption as an Option for CHD Patients. Meaning : what I need to know, as a CHD patient, if I want to adopt a child. Well, that made me think. First of all : Shark and I aren't really talking about having kids right this minute, and I guess I never thought about what we'd do if I wasn't able/allowed to have kids... And I never ever thought it would be difficult to adopt, me having a heart condition and all.... The things you don't think about... It's all going to happen one way or another.

Wow, look at my loop of thought... somethings just don't seem connected until you get sidetracked. Hmmmm.. Oh well.

Much love to all who have ♥s!

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