Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jazz up and some food

So, when we lived in Utah before, ok, so before we were married, Shark's mom got a some Jazz tickets, and Shark and I went to a few games. Now, I'm more of a football fan, I grew up watching basketball, football and even baseball. But I love football! Well, I have found that ANY sports event I go to, I become a Fan. I cheer, I do the Wave, I holler, I clap. Oh yeah, no holding me back! {We got invited to go to a Colorado Rockies game last year! It was awesome!} Well, the Jazz are doing awesome this year. I didn't watch the regular season, but Playoffs, the excitement and energy is so high! I love it! Plus, all of Shark's family watches the games. If the Jazz win Friday night, they advance to the 2nd round, and knock out the Nuggets... Now, I still have love for Colorado, but let's face it, some of CO's teams are just awful... not the teams as a whole, but the players are jerks. *cough*Jay Cutler*cough*Brandon Marshall*cough*Carmello Anthony*cough* {Jay Culter made $22 million dollars last year, Grandpa Favre made $12 mil....Aaron Rodgers made $8 mil.} Oh well, come one Jazz, Bring the Noise!! Yayayay! [PS: I've also heard that theatres that are owned (were owned) my Larry H Miller, play the Jazz Playoff games on the big screen - FOR FREE!! I love FREE stuff!! Go to KJZZ online and find out more - HERE!]

Now for Food!! So I made Beef Potpie Wedges from Rachael Ray. I added potatoes and carrots to the mix, but they weren't cooked all the way, I'll have to microwave them first next time, or sautee them more... I also omitted peas (Heather's Steve doesn't like peas, plus I forgot them at the parents' house.) I also didn't COOL the meat mixture before putting it on the pie crusts, the first crust melted into a blob.... BUT - all in all, delicious and easy.

POTD for 2.29.10 is : my melted potpie wedge. I flipped it over, so the melted side wasn't down....

Love to all who get excited for things... ♥

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