Friday, April 30, 2010

Craft ideas HELP

Ok, so Teri, since I know you read my blog every once in a while, I have a question for you : where did you get your metal letter stamps? The ones you used on your washer ornaments? I've got all kinds of ideas, and I want to get some of those stamps... I can't for the life of me think of where you got them... or what size you have. So that's the info I need for you! And I am so glad to read the updates, and how great he's doing. I wish we were there to see him, and help you out. I'll be sending something cute your way, I've just got to finish some projects and then drop it all in the mail!

Next, I have to admit something : I am an impulse buyer. I'm horrible. I just bought {AND I DO MEAN JUST BOUGHT! As in 1 minute ago!} Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 on ebay. Ugh! I saw it, and was like, well, I'm going to need to, so I might as well, plus I've been selling things on eBay, and had money in my paypal, so it's not like it'll cost me anything, and it's not like it was very expensive-$23.00.... Yup just awful, so dang impulsive... Which reminds me, I need new tennis shoes... Bandit ate the last ones...

Hmm, so now I have to run home and get that $10 Kohl's Cash, so I can get my shoes!! Maybe the checkered ones... or maybe the all black ones!! Now I don't know! And I don't know what they have there!! Oh decisions... and Shark wonders why I'm impulsive. If I don't act fast, I get so distracted and bogged down with all the choices... Act fast!!

Love to those who have ideas ♥

PS: Kohl's did NOT have my shoes, so I bought a pair of capris instead, they cost $10. I was sad about my shoes... but now that it's getting to be summer, it'll be all flip flops, all the time. But, when we go camping/hiking and stuff, I'd like a pair of tennis shoes. So I'll have to get some new ones anyways. The search is on! My capris sure are cute tho!

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