Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something new

So - I guess I couldn't wait until May 1st to get started on my 101 in 1001... I'm just so impatient! Well, I get Rachael Ray's Magazine, and there were a few recipes in there that sounded actually pretty good, and not very difficult to make. And, I went to her website, and entered in the Big Deals sweepstake, and I got to browsing around the site. I found some more recipes, not crazy recipes, with totally out-there ingredients. And they are totally worth a try. So I printed out the recipes, and bought all the stuff to make them. Monday I made : Taco Pasta Toss.

And it was pretty dang good. And it looked good, too!

Well, after our Sunday excursion, Shark NEEDED a new white shirt. So I went to Kohl's, my SIL filled me in on the 50% off deal going on there. I bought 3 white shirts for him, he tried 2 on, liked those, so I took the 3rd one back. Well, Kohl's knows my weakness... Shopping. I tried desperately to NOT walk passed the Junior's clothing department, I really did try! But, the registers on the North side of the building (the Men's secion) were closed, no associates were around! So I have to walk to the South side of the building, passed the Junior's... I veered.... I bought 5 shirts, and I took 2 back... I'm such a spender... But I took stuff back, and it was pretty good...  But Shark's old white shirt was going to get tossed, until I had an idea! I have seen how you can transform an old shirt into a pillow! So, I'm going to use the pocket, and as much of the front as I can.... And the back is mostly good! We'll just have to see how it turns out, I've got ideas in my head, I just hope they turn out they way I see them in my head...

Here's to making my ideas come to life.

Ooh - I went to a wedding reception, and I even brought a gift. I made the Temple Frame, and this is the same Temple frame I plan to put on my Etsy store.

How awesome is that!! I love how these turned out, and how great they look!

Love to all who have food in their fridge! ♥

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