Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't Change or Do

So, I went to my SIL Heather's blog, and she got a whole new layout. I think it's super freaking cute, I wanted to see what cute layouts they had. I went to LeeLou Blogs to see what they got. They had a way cute layout called Spring Fling Layout, of course, the layout is green, blue and orange!! It has stars and is freaking cute! Well, I tried to put it on my blog, to try it out. BIG MISTAKE!! Holy crap! I had to go back to the basic layout, and then fix everything and re-do everything on my blog. I had to fix my font and my layout and my pictures!! It was such a pain! So here's a word - Don't ever change your layout unless you for sure know that you want to change it! Don't believe the hype, change is not good!! ;)

However, if you can change to make yourself better, I say FULL STEAM AHEAD!! In fact, I keep seeing people that blog everyday and about everything, and then they get their blog printed to a book! I love that!! I'd like to try that. However, since I started both jobs, I don't even have time to eat! (Seriously, I woke up so dang hungry this morning because I only ate lunch yesterday!) Plus, I'd like to be more regular in taking pictures. We'll have to see if I can get up on taking pictures.

Things have changed so much in the past week-2 weeks alone! I went from being lazy and bored out of my mind to not having enough time to eat, and having so much to do and so little time!! The scales of time are so easily tipped!! I'm happy to be consumed with work. Shark still has his 2 jobs; he works at Mosquito Abatement {kills mosquitos!!} during the day and then he goes to work at the airport for FedEx, as a package handler. And I have my 2 jobs; I work at Clinton City Recreation Department, I take care of the Facebook and I help out at the reception desk, and then I work as a cashier at The Home Depot, I'm still in training at the Depot. At the Depot, they say to wear a blouse or a collared shirt [just not a t-shirt] and I laughed cuz 'ALL MY SHIRTS ARE COLLARD SHIRTS!' Hahahahhahahaha!

Slightly more change to come yet : Shark and I were talking about where to look for a place to rent. I found some places in Ogden, and even called the people to get more information about the places. No one called me back. I take that as a sign, you're going NO-WHERE!! So Shark and I talked more about it, and we even talked with Steve & Heather about moving, and we have all come to the decision to stay where we are. But, in staying with Steve & Heather for a little while longer, I asked Shark if we could move in more, like get my crafting stuff in the house, hang some pictures in our bare-wall room, get a little more organized, get a dresser in the room instead of using the entire room as a walk-in-closet : Shark agreed. So this weekend we are going to be moving more stuff into the basement, because I still have no idea where some stuff is, and I have no idea where to put anything new! {New meaning papers and notes and pay-stubs.} So, right now, where we are ok being here and everything is going good, and we're still trying to get settled in our jobs, pay-checks regular, we're happy to have a place to stay, and happy to be close to his family.

Love to all who change, or don't change... ♥

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