Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Collard Bowls

So, since my introduction {or induction} into the Collard family, I have learned that everything is bigger. The laundry load is bigger, the dog is bigger, the vehicle is bigger, the serving size is bigger, the boots are bigger, the sports are bigger, the books are bigger, the mess is bigger, the fish are bigger, EVERYTHING! And I love it! It's not so much that they have a big family, but the boys are all the size of mountain men!

So when we were reading on Sunday, and Heather announced there was ice cream in the freezer, I decided I wanted some, and Shark pointed out the bowls. [Now, I know where the bowls are in his parent's house, but he pointed to some bigger bowls, ones that I had not seen used, except for serving food!!] Here they are :

So we used these big huge bowls. Heather wanted a little bit of ice cream, so I found a cereal bowl, a normal sized bowl. I took pictures, cuz they are ginormous!! The big bowls are about the width of the 5 quart ice cream bucket! I put a spoon by the bowls so you could grasp the size!!

I still don't have my camera back from Kurt's friend, but I will get it!! Eventually.... I've been trying to complete some of the crafts I have open/started.... We'll just have to see....

POTD : the big huge bowl alongside the little one and the spoon!

Love to all who love ice cream, milk, chocolate, spoons, or cereal!! ♥

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I'm glad you took my advice about the Etsy store! I look forward to seeing your crafts there, even if I don't buy them myself.

I see you have a 101 list! Are you going to blog about it? I have a list I'm working on too.