Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sabotage by who?


Ok, so you know how I posted that I would get more pictures taken, cuz I'm such a bum, a sloth really. Well, yesterday I was making my infamous (yes infamous, so yummy you eat a TON, and then the spice hits you, and you have to down a whole gallon of milk...) Shrimp Noodles, when Kurt texted me, saying, Brian found a camera in his car, is it yours? I replied, is it a Canon? It probably is mine. Why would it probably be mine? CUZ I CAN'T FIND MINE!! Yeah, I sabotage myself all the time. I set goals and then take away the means to accomplish them.... Well, I found a way to accomplish this particular goal, once I realized my camera was indeed left in Brian's car, I went to my fall-back, my cellphone!

Anyways, so yesterday it was raining, and Bandit was going nuts, I decided to take him for a walk anyways. So we walked to the elementary school 2 blocks away and walked around the walk/run path behind the school. Once I was on the path, I left Bandit off his leash. No one else was around for him to chase, and he needed to get his energy out. Once off his leash he ran and ran and ran. If he was a ways away, I'd shout his name, and start "running" towards him, he'd bolt at me, and veer away at the last second (good thing I wasn't really running at him, or he would have plowed me over!) and then I'd start "running" away from him, and he'd bolt ahead of me again. He loved it, and all I could do was laugh. We were outside for about a half hour, it was good to get out and walk a bit. Bandit was soaked, but he loved it. My shoes were soaked thru (even though I dodged the puddles), my sweatshirt was dry on the inside, but dripping wet on the outside, and my jeans were soaked as well. When we got back to the house, I figured Bandit would just lay down and fall asleep, NOPE. He immediately charged Trigger and they started play fighting! But, this morning, I could tell my little dog was really tired.

When I turned the light on this morning, Bandit moaned and rolled his face into his pillow (yes, my dog has a pillow, 2 actually, and a blanket!) He didn't want the light in his eyes. Such a goofy little snobby dog.

Around 8 or so, the rain turned to snow, and it accumulated fast! But the time Shark got home, around 9:30 pm, there was about 4-6 inches stacked up on the deck railing. I didn't get a picture last night, because my fall-back doesn't have a flash, and I didn't think about it this morning. (I didn't even grab my lunch!) But I did take a picture this morning from the City.

I drove Shark's truck today: my truck had more gas in it, it snowed and his trucks drives better in the snow, the snowplow snowed my truck in- Shark said he had to lay on the gas to get over the wall of snow. But he started his truck, and it was all warm when I jumped in to go to work. :) There was about a foot of snow on the deck this morning.

Note to the curious : Don't EVER move! Transferring medical files from state to state is such a pain! I'm just putting that note out there, go ahead take it.

I have an appointment scheduled for next Thursday, April 15th at 2pm, for an Echo and then to talk to the doctor right after. The appointment is at Primary Children's, I'll have to try really hard not to stare at the Pneumatic tube system... Cuz I know where it's routed and where it goes... So now I just have to : 1) make sure my medical files get to Utah by then 2) make sure I have insurance to cover me. Those 2 things are coming very easily!! Ugh!! I'm hoping these go easier than they started out to be...

So far so good. More later today I guess. ☺

♥- love to all who are scheming on thing, that's a sabotage

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