Sunday, February 28, 2010


We made it to Utah! And I can't seem to find my camera, so I don't have pictures yet... I have been taking pics with my cell phone, and as soon as I get the pics sent to my Album on my cell account, I'll upload them here, for all to see. :) The move was more awful than I imagined it would be. First off, I did NOT know we had THAT much stuff!! After 2 full loads to the dump and 1 dumpster drop, we finally fit all of our stuff into 3 pick-ups and 1 6x12 U-Haul trailor. Yeah!! And we threw out our chairs, our entertainment center, our futon and gave our desk away. So, Angie came and helped pack everything in my house!! Thank you thank you TONS TONS TON!!! I really needed the help, especially on Friday!! I had my appointment first thing Friday, and my beta blocker pills did not get called in, so we weren't able to pick them up like we were supposed to. We went to the appointment anyways, and they hooked me up to an IV. No big deal, except the nurse was not very nice about anything. They took me down to the Radiology department, and Shark said I got pretty funny (we were tired from laying on the love sac all night, no sleep was acheived at all that night) and then they pumped me full of relaxing juice, so I was kind of loopy.... They sprayed some Nitro Glycerin under my tongue, to expand my vessels, and then they shot me full of the contrast while in the CT scanner.... They Dr. told me the Nitro would give me a headache... great, just what I need.... So getting home, with a headache and having to still pack everything in my house and clean it all, was so wonderful {sarcasm!!} But Angie came over, and the in-laws made it there Thursday night, and they were both wonderful and amazing! Ang packed everything and cleaned most stuff! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! She helped out so very much in packing and cleaning, she stayed to the very end! Thank you! And thank you to the friends that stopped by during the day, I'll miss you all!! So, anyways, we started our trip Friday night, and made it to Laramie. My head hurt so incredibly much, after Nirto and high emotions of the crying kind, my head was pounding so hard. We stayed the night in Laramie, and then headed West Saturday morning! [Shark's dad and mom started to head back East when we go on the road at Laramie.... We got them turned around!!] We made it to Utah around 3 pm Saturday afternoon, and started moving things into Steve and Heather's house!! It was so nice to finally get a shower, and clean clothes. {Yeah, the same clothes I wore to Bunko on Thursday night, were the same clothes I wore to the appoinment, and the same clothes I wore to Laramie and the same clothes I was wearing when we crossed the state line to Utah!!} So yes, I needed a shower and a change of clothes. Saturday night was THE best sleep ever!! And then we got up to go to church, which started at 1 pm!! Awesomeness!! Then we came over to the parents house, and watched the closing ceremonies, and then read a book. I love being here, it's so nice to be home. Some people out there need to hurry up and get here!! I've learned to take things as they come, don't make long term plans, jump on the right opportunies, and cherish the people who except and love you for who you are. Thank you for making Colorado a good place for us everybody! And remember, I know where you live, and you can bet I won't forget, and I'm impulsive.....

Love to the CO from the UT --

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Awww, I'm so glad you made it safely to Utah. Thank you again for being great friends. We already miss you both a TON. We keep telling ourselves that you are only on vacation. It is working so far, but maybe not in a few weeks. But we will see you when we come out in April. :)