Friday, January 8, 2010

goals and such

I made a list of goals a while back, and I actually found it knew where it was the whole time. Some of these goals are more long term, some could be short term, others are whatever term I want them to be or get them done in. :)

1. Get out of debt entirely
2. Learn to speak Italian
3. Finish school (do something)
4. Get into shape (self confidence)
5. Start making flip flops/ISpy bottles/chicken wire boards, sell them.
6. Go to Europe
7. Add 20 movies (a year) to my collection (cheap as possible)
8. Do 1 crafty project a month, blog about it
9. Get N64, PS2, Ninetendo that works
10. Visit 5 more states
11. Fix up red pick-up, sell/trade for 4Runner (only after #1)
12. Snowboard with confidence, do tricks, learn to turn
13. Go on a carriage ride around the temple in SLC in every season, and for (at least) 1 anniversary
14. Learn to Salsa dance and/or Ballroom dance
15. Prepare and maintain a spiritual environment for my children
16. Go to the temple twice a month
17. Build up food storage & 72 hour kits
18. Go to Hawaii
19. Learn to scube dive
20. Shoot an animal with a gun
21. Catch a picture worthy edible fish
22. Continue/create holiday traditions (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Years)
23. Find and cook 10 (a year) new recipes and add them to my monthly menu
24. Start each day with a kiss, breakfast, and a song. End each day with a hug, a kiss, and goodnight my love.
25. Do my visiting teaching every month for a whole year.
26. Start a tradition of General Conference (breakfast or dinner)

Like I said, some of them are long term. But I think I have a pretty good list, and that they are all very obtainable goals. Whether it's this year or next year, or in 5 years or 10 years, I can get these done. Some of my friends have created a goal list called 30 by 30, apparently it's 30 goals before you turn 30. Pretty good. Altough Shark and I have the advantage, more years before 30. But this list is NOT a 30 by 30 list, this is just a list of goals. So we'll just have to see. Shark has agreed to help me with my goals, cuz he's going to be a part of the goals. :)

Shark and I went to the temple tonight. I randomly asked him today via text if he wanted to go the temple tonight. He saaid sure, came and took me out to lunch, and then came back to my work at 4 to pick me up and take me to the temple. I love my husband! He's pretty dang awesome!

1.8.10 : potd  - Shark's mom got us this TV series on DVD, it's kind of ridiculous, but entertaining. We started watching it once we got home.

love to all - girl & shark

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