Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

Ok, so not only is it really May Day (May 1st), but there was also an EMERGENCY!! Mayday!! Going Down!!

Today is the start of my 101 in 1001, and I am so very excited to actually officically start!! I know I could have started it once I had finished my list, but I figured, A New Month, A New Routine!! I'm so happy!! Ooh, I also added a Countdown ticker on my blog, so I know how much time I have left! I'm excited for starting this and getting cracking on my goals! Sorry if I'm too ambitious for some people. I like have a due date, a deadline. Shark had told me before, part of the reason his mission was tolerable, was because there was an end date. There was a finish line. Same thing with my goal list. Yeah, I know it's an awful lot of goals, but it's not all Skydiving and hot-air ballooning, some of it is personal wellness and spirituality goals. There are quite a few SKILLS goals : cooking, crafting, making, doing, learning.

Half-time of the Jazz game today, I went upstairs to order pizza. I was on hold with the pizza girl, and I was petting my little dog. I started scratching his back, when I saw a splash of red on him. I turned him around and saw a big gash but his back left leg!! (There was also a smaller, less alarming scrap on that same side.) But this gash was about 2 inches wide, and had opened up about 1 inch. It wasn't bleeding real bad cuz the little dog licked it quite a bit, and the gash was just in his hide, none of the muscle was cut, but you could see the muscles flex and move. He wasn't favoring that side, he didn't seem bothered by it at all. Well, Shark took him into the Animal ER, Bandit got shaved and stitched.

Now our little pup is a lightshade. He's got the cone to wear. He's been dealing pretty good with the cone, and he can wiggle himself out the doggie door! When the doctor's put him under, they wiped some goo on his eyes, so they didn't dry out, and it looks like he's been crying... So sad!! I feel bad for my little doggie, but I'm glad we can take care of him. I'm thankful for my husband, who takes care of me and my pup. ♥

POTD for 05.01.2010 : Bandit in his cone, and then a pic of his stitches....

Love to all who love warm blankets to snuggle into ♥

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