Saturday, June 5, 2010

Homerun derby and stars

So today, I shopped. I bought lots of stuff, but most of it was on sale, and I even got some on clearance, like 95% off!! Sweet! Shark works at the mosquito abatement in Davis county, and when he worked there 2 years ago, he was partners with Joel. Well, if you know Shark at all, you know that he is a fan of nicknames, and everyone he knows has a nickname. Well, Joel's nickname is Naked Joel. (Naked Joel was partners with a girl after he was partners with Shark, and Shark dubbed her the Mrs. It's funny cuz Naked Joel and the Mrs got married about a year ago, it's cute!) Well, Naked Joel has been calling Shark and telling him we need to get together and have a double date. Tonight is the night! A homerun derby, and then a campfire at the Uinta property. (Shark's grandma owns property up in Uinta, right on the river, no house is built there yet, but every year or so, she threatens to sell her house in Cali, and move out here to Utah. I'm hoping she builds a big house.)
We can add 6 movies to our list. I bought Thumbelina (the exact one we used to watch when we went to my grandma's, when I was little!), Waitress (with Someone Like You), The Ant Bully, Troy (2 DVD edition!) and Robots. All were in the $5 bin at WalMart, the double Feature was $10! I was so excited when I saw these!

We tied in the Homerun Derby, and then we went and got our TV, and headed out to the property for a campfire. (I went to Kent's last week, and was browsing, and found these GIANT campfire marshmallows {really, that's what they're called} and we brought those.)

After our campfire, and Naked Joel and the Mrs went home, I wanted to stay out and look at the stars. So we hooked up the TV and put in Stardust, and watched part of it. I say part of it, because Shark started snoring before Tristan came back to find Evane gone! {when the unicorn broke the chain!} So, we packed it up and went home. It's fine with me, I knew he would fall asleep anyways, but I wanted to cuddle outside on the loveSac, it was way nice out tonight. I love my husband, he is so giving, and usually goes along with anyything I ask. ♥

POTD for 6.5.10 is : the giant marshmallows, next to a soda can, for comparison.

Love to all who love creative dates, and cuddling with their spouse!

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