Monday, June 7, 2010

BK and flowers

My naked dog woke me up be sticking his wet gross nose right on my neck. Ew. But I was awake. And off to work. I got calls made, and stuff posted to FB. Then after all the office work, I went off to the softball complex. Our first game had 1 team be a no-show. So we hung out for about an hour and a half. Then the games got going. I work with a guy from Parks, Brian, and his dad brought him Subway, and he said he feels bad eating in from of me. So I called Shark, and asked him to bring me some food. Little did I know, that he had already stopped and gotten me some BK! He came up to the tower, we ate dinner together and chatted. Once my last game got done {we only had 2 today!} I went out to my truck, and found some flowers in it! My husband is amazing and wonderful and thoughtful and awesome! I love him!

POTD for 6.7.10 is : my flowers!

Love to all who love you and you love back! ♥

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