Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mon..Tuesday thats right!

Ok, so I totally forgot that today is TUESDAY! Ugh! Everything I normally do on Mondays has to be pushed aside for everything I normally do an Tuesdays! So yeah, my whole week is going to be off just a little now. Oh well. I got a bunch of stuff done at work today : I made a brouchure for Ty, I called a bunch of football guys about Blaze tickets, I even went a supervised some games today. I only bit my nails a little bit today! Yay!

My little dog is still looking sad all the time. It makes me want to go out and take him for a walk. It's raining today tho, so hopefully on Thursday, not tomorrow, cuz I supervise until about 10 or so. Today Shark brought home some deer antlers, and the dogs went nuts! Sniffing them and licking them, Bandit started to chew on them, and I whomped him, Shark wants those antlers for something. I'm not sure what yet, he's crafty too. Earlier today, Shark called, asking me if I wanted a coyote pup to raise as a dog! I said sure why not, as long as he doesn't eat my little dog. So, no little coyote pup, Shark let him go. He also found a little baby skunk, which was so freaking adoreable! But that was a no-go as well. :)

My friend from CO, who is moving to UT (in 9 days!!!) texted me and asked me about the new Twilight movie coming out. Asking if I was going to it. I said probably, I like the movies a WHOLE lot more than the books. But I'm thinking of not going to the midnight showing. Utah is crazy about Twilight, and I don't want to be stabbed for not taking the series seriously. So maybe her and I will go the next day. {Besides, I was looking while on the phone with her, and most midnight showings are sold out... Yeah Crazy!}

I've been making a book, I showed you the post I was using, a while ago. This is just a glimpse to see what it is. POTD for 6.1.10 is : part of my project. 

I'm also posting a picture of the table I've been making this project on. Trust me, it's a mess.

Love to all who have short week that they think are normal weeks, and therefore, lose a day... ♥

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