Thursday, June 3, 2010

Walking the dog

So, I bought a dog toy called a Chuck-it. It's pretty sure the best thing ever. I don't have to touch the slimy slobbery ball EVER, and this Chuck-it throws the ball so much farther than I can, and it doesn't wear my arm  out near as much. It's pretty awesome. I took Bandit for a walk, and he loved it. He got running so fast that when he went to pick up the ball {while he was running} he totally fell and rolled over! I laughed so hard! We played and played for about an hour, he had lots of fun. He was way tired at the end of it too. I like playing with my little dog, he's so much fun. I'm glad I bought one of these Chuck-it's, I saw one at the puppy park when I took the dogs a while ago.

POTD for 6.3.10 is : the Chuck-it.

Love to all who love their animals!! ♥

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