Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hanging out

So, my friend from Colorado moved to Utah. (Her husband got a job out here, he's been trying to get a job out here for a while now, but we prayed and crossed our fingers and did all we could for them to move out here, and it worked! They moved out here on the 10th of June!!) Her little boys {her monsters} are the cutest boys ever! Everything is exploding, and shooting things and chasing someone. Well, they got their boxes moved in on Monday, and I went over there today to hang out and help out. Helping out with Ang is not really doing anything, it's mainly just talking to her while she does stuff. When I first got there R (her 4 year old) said "Girl, you better run, cuz Megatron is in the house!" So, I picked up K (her 1 year old), and we ran up the stairs and hid on K's bottom bunk! Megatron got us, but we found the matrix and we brought back Optimus, and Optimus saved us! :) After we ran from Megatron, I also helped out and watched her boys in the bath, made sure no one got splashed in the eye, and I got bubbles off the little monsters' face. Then we watched the Celtics lose....

I love hanging out with Ang, even when we "do nothing" it's still fun, and it's just relaxing. I can vent to her and tell her all about everything that's been going on. And I can tell her what I'm struggling with, what I'm worrying about. {I do tell Shark all of this, but it's usually in between snores, and he, being a boy, doesn't understand why all my worries and struggles are such a big deal.) {I love my husband so very much, but sometimes, I just need to talk to a girl, girls are sympathetic. My husband is amazing, and wonderful, and he talks to me more than any other boy I've every talked to or heard about. And, I don't tell anyone else something that I haven't already talked to him about. I usually try to talk to him when he's awake.} It was so good to talk to Ang about everything that's been going on. [everything that's been going on means : medical stuff, baby stuff, work stuff...]

So, we got to talking about finishing craft projects, and which ones were on our lists. So, once we get her house organized, we'll have a bunch of crafting days, and we'll get her house decorated. I think it's funny, she picked a neutral beige/olive color for her crafts, in case she moved, and the house she moved into has that exact same beige/olive color on ALL the walls!! We'll have to find some new crafts for her house. It gives us a great excuse to craft. :)

When I came home, my cute husband was snoozing on the loveSac, snuggling with my little naked dog! They were so cute.

POTD for 5.15.10 is : a picture of my little naked dog snuggling with my cute husband on our big loveSac!!

Love to all who love their friends! ♥

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Thank you so much for all of your help. You have no idea how much I enjoy having you over and are so happy we are in Utah so we are closer to you. I can't wait to have our first craft day! Let me know what your schedule is like. I have a craft for us to do. :)

Thank you for beig such a good friend and for always being there for me and listening to me to. I am so lucky and blessed to have you as a friend. Thank you.