Sunday, June 13, 2010

Early 2 years!

So, this month, Shark and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary. But I checked all the hotels, and they are all booked next week, for some Miss Utah Pagent. So, I found a hotel this this weekend, that included a $50 gift certificate for food, and a carriage ride! {The carriage ride is what sold me, that's all I ever really wanted!!} So, Shark went to work, like normal, he even slept in a bit, so he was ALMOST late! Well, since my games were rained out again today, I went down to FedEx, to leave 1 of our trucks there. We went from FedEx to the hotel. We stopped at Wendy's, got some to-go, we decided to eat it at the hotel.

The hotel was amazing! It has been in working order since 1910, and it is beautful! The room was way small, but gorgeous! The floorboards under the carpet creaked when we walked, and I thought it was pretty neat looking, the trim, didn't go all the way to the ceiling, it was a band of trim about 3 inches below the ceiling. And, since we celebrated out month-a-versaries and anniversaries with Hostess Cupcakes, of course, Shark bought some cupcakes! :)

When we woke up in the morning, it was raining and crappy out, and my stomache was in knots. So, we decided to save our gift certificates for a sunny day, and head home. We got home, petted our little naked dog, who was at the parents house, and they took us out to lunch. My stomach was still twisted and tied in knots, but I figured I'd get a Sprite and it'd calm down. Well, after about 2 bites of mashed potatoes, and some Sprite, I went out to lay down in the truck. Just as we started driving, I opened the car door, and tossed my cookies, right on the curb! We went home, I laid down and watched movies and slepted the rest of the day on Saturday, and all day on Sunday.

We did go over to the folks' house, I got a blessing (cuz I feel awful!) and we started to read the book I picked out, Peter & the Starcatchers!

I have pictures of Friday at the hotel, but not really pictures of Saturday or Sunday, those would be gross. SO my POTD for 5.11.10 is : The bed. Look at that cute canopy!

Love to all who love who they are with!! ♥

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