Friday, June 18, 2010

Date night!

So, today is Friday, tomorrow is our Anniversary! I know we celebrated last week, but I still want to do something for it.

This morning we took Bandit and Trigger for a walk. And then after the walk, Shark went boating and I went to go hang out with Ang again. I went over there, and helped her clean out her minivan, yes I actually helped this time! :) Then I had to run to work. But I stopped at the in-laws house first, to see how she was doing. I got work around noon, and shortly after I got to work, some flowers arrived!!

Then I stopped at home between work and scorekeeping. And I found this big huge mess downstairs!!

So I beat the dogs and then went off to scorekeep. Well, the first game was foreited, so we hung out for a while, and then the 2nd game was played, but the 3rd game was a forfeit, but we played a practice game, and I stayed and scorekept that game. So upon leaving work, I got home and Shark ordered pizza and we watched X-Men 2!

POTD for 6.18.20 is : my little dog drinking at the park.

LOVE to all who hate finding messes that you did NOT make!! ♥