Monday, June 14, 2010


Work today was great! I got up early to go to the football clinic. We helped get the kids registered for the camp, and me and MIL Ruth just hung out all morning. There are some way little kids at the camp, they are so dang cute!

I went in to work like normal, and then headed off to scorekeep games at 5. The games of course went late. But staying late is sometimes a good thing. The concessions downstairs had muffins, and they didn't sell all of them, so they gave the leftover muffins to the scorekeepers. I got one and put it on Shark's dashboard for work in the morning! I hope he likes a big jumbo chocolate chocolate chip muffin!!

POTD for 6.14.10 is : a picture of the football camp.

Love to all who love surprising the ones they love! ♥

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