Thursday, June 17, 2010

Construction Zone

So, this week, I've been getting up early and going to work at 8:30 am. Well today, Shark forgot his phone on the table, and I also made him another CD of the book he's listening to when he fogs. Since I had time to kill before I had to be at work {after I ran to the football camp first} I decided to run his phone and CD out to him, or at least to his truck parked at work. Well, there is alot of constuction going on on I-15 {when isn't there construction going on I-15?!} and they kick the speed limit down to 55, they shift the lanes, make the lanes smaller, and put those solid lines up for no passing. Well, learning to drive in Wisconsin, where there are no 3 lane highways north of Green Bay, certainly NO 4 lane highways, everything is a doublelane highway, the 3-lane and 4-lane highways freak me out! I hate being in the middle lanes! So, anyways, I learned to drive in WI, and we had to be aware of tractors on the road, and who had right of way, and we also had to be very aware of construction zones. I learned you had to obey the speed limit in construction zone or suffer pain of death! Getting pulled over in a construction zone for speeding was almost as bad as a DUI. You just don't speed around those areas, and everyone on the road was ok with you going 50 even! Not out here! Heck no! I'm going 55, and the semi behind me is driving down my hitch! All the cars around me are flying past me going 70! It makes my stomach drop when I see those construction guys on the side of the road, and the cars are flying by going 70-75! I know that I am not going to slow the traffic in my 1 truck! But I get mad driving around here cuz no one slows down when they should, no one seems to care. I've heard people say, "oh, cops LOVE that area!" Um, pretty sure I haven't seen any cops around that construction zone, not a 1!

Ok, and I'm done, that was my vent, my rant if you will....

When I got back to Clinton, I stopped at Jamba Juice, I had a FREE smootie card. So I got a Strawberry Surf Rider, and I got an oatmeal with brown sugar crumble. The smootie to wake me up, and the oatmeal cuz I was starving! The oatmeal was freaking awesome! It tasted so dang good, so much better than the Quaker instant pouches!

Love to fast and easy goodness! ♥

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