Sunday, June 6, 2010

Naked Dog

So, Bandit has lots of hair. And it's not soft hair either. It's dirty, scratchy, black and white hair! He gets so hot when he's running around, I started thinking of shaving him. {One of Shark's friends, Paul, shaves his wirehair pointer} Well, Shark and I got talking, and he never said NO to it, so I brought the shaver to the parent's house, and we now have a naked dog. I was going to put a mohawk down his back, but got carried away with the shaver. As per Shark's request, I left a tuft of hair on his tail, and we left the socks hairy {shaving between his toes might get difficult.}. He was very calm while we shaved him, he just laid there and took it, didn't struggle. I laugh everytime I see my shaved pup. He looks pretty cute and goofy, but at least he won't roast. While shaving him, we found out that he has alot of thick, long hair but under that, his fur was almost like down. He must have been dying when we go to the park!!

This is where we lost 1/2 our dog.

And these are pictures of him, he was so excited once he was able to get up and run around. It didn't help that Shark was throwing sticks while I was trying to get a picture of him!

POTD for 5.6.10 is : our naked dog eating some food!!

Love to all who love. ♥

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