Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where my keys at?

So, I went and got my own set of keys for the city. Well, the sporting part of the city. I went and got copies because yesterday, when I went to the Football shed with a key, the key given to me, did NOT work. So, at least now, I can go, and try all my keys and I'll know at least 1 of them will work. And with me superivsing at the softball complex, it just makes sense for me to have keys, instead of waiting for the complex manager to get there or calling Ruth to come by. I can go in, open the doors, and I can also open the Umpire Room doors, which our umps really appreciate.Working at the city has been lots of fun, I meet all kinds of people, and I help out with all kinds of things. It's pretty awesome.

POTD for 6.2.10 is : My keys! {And on my red Clinton City shirt too!!}

Love to all who love sports and keys...

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