Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today work was good, but I don't have any games to scorekeep tonight. I got done with work around 6, and then went over to hang out at B & R's, some friends of Ang's, cuz Ang was there. Beck fed me, which was awesome, I never thought I'd love sloppy joes, but oh man, they were good! We watched old school Disney like Paul Bunyan, and Lambert the tame lion. Once I got home around 10, I called Shark and asked him to come by and pick me up for fogging. I've never gone fogging with him, but it wasn't bad at all! {the truck was bigger than I thought it would be} and we only fogged until midnight, it got too cold, and the wind was blowing too much. But fogging was great, it gave us time to talk, while we were both awake. :) I enjoying spending time with Shark, he's funny, and so darn cute! So we drove around Clinton, fogging for mosquitos.

Oh, and if you ever get behind a truck with a flashing light on it, going 15 mph, emitting a billow of fog, please just go around them. The driver will appreciate it! :)

No POTD for today, I couldn't get a decent picture of the fog truck. So, close your eyes, and there is the picture of the fogging truck at midnight! :)

Love to all who love who they are married to! ♥

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