Friday, June 4, 2010


So today, I worked and all I called all day. It wasn't too bad. After work, one of the sports ladies I work with, Brooke, had to run around and help with practices. So I stayed and watched her little girls (cuz honestly, I have NO idea how to set up for practices). We colored and laughed and ate some snacks. I took off my flip flops and the little one (she's 3) took off her shoes and started wearing my big flip flops. It was pretty cute.

After all that, I stopped by the parent's house {they live 2 blocks from the bity building} and watched some TV with Ruth. We ended up watching Burn Notice {we got them hooked on it too} and just hung out. There were no games today, because of graduations around Clinton. Which is fine with me, I got the night off!

Shark stopped by the parent's house when he was done with work, it's great to see him, he's been fogging the last 2 nights. Which means he gets home around 1am. It's been kinda awful, but I usually stay up to see him, that where my crafting comes in. :)

POTD for 6.4.10 is : the picture I colored!!

Love to all who love little kids, and who like being one, once in a while. ♥

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