Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fruit of our labors!!

I picked a cantaloupe from our garden today. It was delicious! I was kind of worried that the cantaloupe was not ready or too ready. So I picked it anyways, cut it open, and it was amazing! Even Bandit liked it! Which is good cuz he stole that other one and ate it right in front of me about a month ago (I really don't know when it was, it feels like we have lived the past month twice.) I'm keeping an eye on my watermelons, they are doing so good, at least I think. They just need a little more time... :)

Anyways, Mark and I are really glad to finally have our nights together! We usually had our evenings, and we were still together when we did the paper, but now we have all our nights together, and we get to spend all night sleeping and snuggling and it really is amazing and wonderful!! I am so glad we're getting back to a normal schedule!! Yay!!

Love - Bry and Mark

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