Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Awesome today!

So, today I felt I really had to get stuff done. Yesterday was kind of a goof-off day, and I totally slacked on my TO-DO list. But today, I rocked!! I completed yesterday's list AND today's list!! How about awesome!! So starting right away this morning, I made Bandit's birthday cake {it smelled gross while I made it, it's got bacon bits, dog food, and beef baby food in it... and it'll have cream cheese and peanut butter frosting.}. I made the people cake {yellow cake turned blue with chocolate frosting}. I made the puppy chow {you know the Rice Chex with chocolate and powdered sugar}. I made a pie {my heart shaped pies didn't work so well, so I used the "leftover" fruit filling and made a pie for Shark, he loves pie}. And tonight, I'm going visiting teaching, and then hanging out with friends for a birthday.

Tomorrow is Bandit's birthday. And just to clarify, yes, I am having a party. I keep justifying the party by telling myself it's more for my friends kids than it is for Bandit. {Really, it is more for them!} I got tons of stuff for them, all I got Bandit was a huge chew bone and a ball. I'll get pictures tomorrow. No, it's not ridiculous. I feel that this party is a last Hurrah here in Colorado. Plus, the Collards would never throw a party without at least a quazi-legitmate reason, right?

I bought a $6 bubble machine at Wal-Mart today. I figured it'd be fun at the party tomorrow because Bandit ♥LOVES♥ bubbles {plus this way, the kids don't fight about who holds the bottle of bubbles, and there are NO spills!!} Well, Bandit really does love his bubble machine. I got it started as soon as I bought it [I HAD to make sure it worked!] and the dog went NUTS! It was so funny!

And here is today's POTD : Bandit eating bubbles. I'm in the picture cuz Shark took the picture. This is pretty much what we've done since I bought the bubble machine.

Love to you -

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