Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dont peek

So last night, I couldn't sleep, and lately that's been happening alot. So I got out the iPod and started playing solitarie, and took some Tylenol PM, to help with my headache and help me to sleep. Well, as I was playing, Shark rolled over and kissed me, then said "Don't peek, he's a cheater." I then asked, "Who's a cheater?" To which he replied with a SNORE. I thought it was so funny. But then I finally fell asleep, and in the middle of one of my solitaire games {no worries, I finished it while in the waiting room at the hospital...} So Shark woke up early and then went off to his Wednesday meeting. Me and Bandit snoozed for a while longer, then I got up to start my day. I had my appointment at 11:15 am, and as I was heading down to the hospital, Shark called. And said that he was on his way, and that he would hopefully meet me there. Well, things worked out and he got there, and we both went in to see the cardiologist. Well, they wanted to do some more tests before my insurance runs out, so they tried really hard to get something going for either Thursday or Friday, so Friday I have 1 last appointment, some kind of test that is really hard to say. So I head to the hospital for my test at 7:25 am!! Yikes, I don't even think I got up that early go to work!! [just kidding, I did a few times...] But after the appointment Shark and I went and got some Gelato. When I was the Children's Hospital for my surgery, they gave us some $5 coupons for the gelato and coffee bar in the main lobby, well, I had 2 left. So Shark and I went to the Children's Hospital just to get Gelato, and to see the mechanical marble machine. Anyways, while at the Children's Hospital, I had a feeling of calm come over me, that this is where we were supposed to be, that moving here was not by chance or luck, that it was for a reason, and that reason is no longer, because we took care of it. So I got a feeling of calm about moving. Anyways, so we came home and just started packing everything! Shark patched all the holes from my pictures, while I packed box after box, and I still have TONS of stuff to pack! Ugh!! When did this get so hard, and since when do we have ALL this stuff?! I mean, how did it fit into our little house?!

So today's POTD is : a picture of my living room. The little dog in the picture cuz he was chewing on his rawhide in the living room. Sorry it's kinda dark.

love to all you children-at-heart --

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