Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Sunday

So this is our last Sunday here in Colorado. And I'm sad to leave. I've got lots of friends here who I will miss so very much. I blogged alot yesterday about the past week. Yesterday Shark went to the dump. We got rid of our hippie chairs and most of the stuff in the garage. Shark said he was in the "throwing away" mood. I packed some boxes. Shark also took our backdoor off and put Bruce's back on. We bought some cheapie back door to put a doggie door in, we figured Bruce wouldn't appreciate a doggie door in the middle of his nice door. Now our living room would look empty (no chairs, just sofa) except it's full of boxes. Also, I still have my entire craft room to pack (almost entire, I packed some already) but I got a bunch of boxes, then had the party, so my craft room has tons of boxes in it, it looks over-bearing. I don't wanna do it....

Also, I need to find a new name for our blog. It's not going to be Colorado Style anymore. I'm trying to figure out what to change it to!!! I have no idea. I may just leave it Team Collard, with nothing else for a while. I need to get some kind of style in there....

Team Collard : Colorado Style
Team Collard : Survival Style
Team Collard : Random Style
Team Collard : Homeless Style
Team Collard : College Style

Yeah I got no idea.....Maybe something like Girl & Shark : This is our style - Yeah I'm not sure. Oh well. This is something for me to think about on the drive back to Utah.... The very long drive back. {Cross your fingers that we can get Shark's iPod working for the trip....}

Today's POTD is : the part of the bathtub that I broke!! Yeah ME!! Not Shark, who usually breaks stuff, sorry honey, but it's true. I put my foot on the soap holder thing in the tub (I was shaving my legs) and the soap holder fell off into the tub!! We got it fixed tho!!

Love to all you creative people -

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