Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yeah I'm ready for some football! I love football, even if MY team isn't playing. We went over to Angie's & Gerrit's for their annual Superbowl party. It was lots of fun, and there was tons of food!! At the beginning, Gerrit asked who everyone was cheering for : who they wanted to win, and who they thought would win. Me, being the football fan that I am, thought these two questions were synonymous. I thought the Saints were going to win, and I wanted them to win. And guess what? The Saints did win!! Woot woot! We had a bunch of fun with friends, and it was fun making fun of the commericals, and debating about them. What we were supposed to do with Gerrit there, really? Anywho- I thought the commercials this year were kinda awful. Not near as good as in past years.

I didn't get much packed today, we had churching to do. And then the Superbowl party we HAD to go to ;)  We love hanging out with our friends, we love their kids, and have tons of fun just chatting with them, and playing new games. :)

Today's POTD is : Snow. It started to snow, and this is our snow-covered Sunday paper. (Shark told me, Girl, look at the paper and smile, because we did NOT deliver it!!)

love -

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